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Scruffy Scrub

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In 2016 we released Scruffy Hands, a coffee ground exfoliant and moisturizer. It was meant to be a limited run for the holidays but we liked it so much (and so did you!) that we sold it until the end of 2018. However, we wanted to re-introduce it. Since it's release, we've had many of you message us or talk to us at events and mention you're using it as much more than a hand scrub (face, feet, body, etc) and we wanted that to be reflected in the product. With some upgrades, we are happy to introduce Scruffy Scrub...

  • Coffee Grounds and Walnut Shell Powder
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Orange Peel Powder

Scruffy Scrub is the perfect match for dry, rough skin. Coffee Grounds, Epsom Salt, Brown Sugar and Walnut Shell Powder scrub the dry, dead skin away and a blend of natural oils and butters bring the skin back to life. Once rinsed, leaves hands feeling unbelievably soft, smooth and ready to take on more tasks.

Apply to wet skin and scrub until desired exfoliation level is reached. 30-60 seconds can be plenty. Rinse. Do not exceed 3 uses per week. Over-exfoliation can also lead to dryness.

Uses: All Purpose Exfoliant
Scent: Real Coffee Grounds, Vanilla Extract, Orange Peel Oil, Cedar Bark Oil
Size: 4oz Amber Glass Jar

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Paul Mendez (Milton, US)
This stuffs outstanding

I use this stuff two or three times a week. After I don't even need to use a face lotion or cream, the natural oils from the scrub keep my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Its so good that I was half way through a jar when I dropped it. It shattered and spilled everywhere. I proceeded to immediately order another jar. Simple as that. I can't recommend this enough.

Miller Asbill (Tucson, US)
Great smell, amazing results.

On my second container now. Can’t decide what’s best, the smell, feel or the way it makes my skin look. You just try this product. It’s awesome.

Miller A. (Nashville, US)
I will marry thee

Good golly! This scrub. I so want want eat, shower with it and sing songs to it. It’s beyond delightful. My skin feels as soft as a babies butt. I’ve let friends and family try it, they all agree.

Do yourself a favor, just buy two containers. You’ll thank me later. ❤️

Ryan G. (Greeneville, US)
Scruffy Scrub

This product was part of my first purchase from Arcadian and I absolutely love it. It's been great for my dry skin and, as a self proclaimed iced coffee addict, I love the smell as well. Excellent product, excellent customer service. Well done Arcadian!

Roland (Evanston, US)
Restorative Exfoliant

As a novice weightlifter and boulderer, Arcadian’s Scruffy Hands has become an invaluable tool for restoring my hands’ skin after being tattered by barbell and sloper holds.

Having attempted to repurpose a facial exfoliant (which was too mild and not coarse enough) and failing to find an equivalent drugstore product, Scruffy Hands offers the perfect consistency for multi-purpose exfoliation, while not over-drying or irritating the skin. I have utilized the product for both my hands and feet, and found it to be very effective at removing dry/dead/cracked skin and remoisturizing, consequently allowing my skin to heal and accept other moisturizing products such as lotions, balms, etc. The product has a comforting coffee aroma, applies/washes off with ease, and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.

Is Scruffy Hands nothing more than glorified coffee grounds and some oil – perhaps? Is Scruffy Hands an effective multi-purpose exfoliant that actually works to restore your skin – absolutely.