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Matte Paste

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Matte Paste is a heavy, dense cream that was designed for all day hold, coarse texture and high volume. Breaks down into a sticky, paste that applies easily even given product thickness. Upon applying, you will immediately feel the grip which helps achieve the style quickly and easily as well as pack in loads of texture. Product can be restyled throughout the day (won't get crunchy) with only fingers or comb. Rinses out with just water.

Apply to dry or towel dried hair in small quantities for varied result. Can be combed or finger combed into desired style. Blowdry if desired but not required. Washes out with water.

Hold Strength: Heavy Hold
Shine: Matte
Hair Types: Suitable for all hair types.
Size: 4oz Plastic Jar

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Rey T (Los Angeles, US)
Perfectly Balanced Paste

I was using American Crew Defining Paste for years, and I wanted to find an alternative with more natural and beneficial ingredients. I went down the rabbit hole of trying all the relevant products (Firsthand Supply, O'douds, Shear Revival) and this is the one that finally had everything I was looking for. I'll compare to Shear Revival products, as they were the runner up:

Hold - has an actual firm hold, where my hair feels slightly stiff when dried, but still flexible/soft enough to run fingers through and reshape if needed. This was a notch better than Shear Revival Northern Lights

Washout - easily washes out with just water, when I had to shampoo my hair with other products that offered the same hold, ex. Shear Revival American Gardens

Ingredients - made with natural ingredients, omitting excessive chemicals. This was on par with Shear Revival with no sacrifices

Scent - has a natural and light citrus/woodsy smell. Nothing crazy, which I like, and very similar to Shear Revival products. Not strong at all so you wont smell it long after application.

Finish - has a natural matte finish (almost satin) which I love. A lot of the "matte" prodcuts left my hair looking dry, dull, and almost unhealthy.

J. B. (Red Bank, US)
Please Don't Run Out Again!

This review is for the Vanilla Cedar Matte Paste, fyi. I have never tried the other version.
I have very thick coarse hair and this is the only product that I ever want to use again. It holds all day long, isn't sticky or crispy, washes out easily and just does its job. When, a few months ago, I could not find any anywhere, I tried more (a couple much more) expensive alternatives from Patrick's, Triumph & Disaster, Firsthand, and Hanz de Fuko and they're ok but none of them held up to your Matt Paste. What do I do with all that stuff now? Please keep this excellent stuff in stock!!!


Fantastic. Great hold, great matte finish, great wash out. I purchase again.

Justin Foley (Harrisburg, US)
Fantastic 👍🏻👍🏻

This Matte Paste is fantastic. It delivers all day hold, with a very natural fit and finish. Texture, and volume is all present as well. I love the ingredients in this too, the clay really helps keep my hair from getting oily throughout the day. I apply in small quantities always warmed up between my palms till I get the desired hold / look I like. The scent is excellent as well. A very nice patchouli base to it with citrus top notes I can smell throughout the day. This is exactly what I was in the market for, thank you! 🙏🏻

Manzil (Tāngāil, BD)

Love it