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Article: Phonies and Fakes - Don't Get Scammed!

Phonies and Fakes - Don't Get Scammed!

Phonies and Fakes - Don't Get Scammed!

It has come to our attention that the store Chez Abdou Cosmétique is using our brand, obviously, without permission. We think that statement pretty much stands for itself...

The ONLY authorized distributors of ARCADIAN products can be found here. If you would like to report a fake, don't hesitate to send an email to

Edit: The original photos have been removed from the Facebook page, however, we keep receiving messages that these are still in circulation in certain areas of the world (mainly Algeria). 



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Bonjour j’aimerais bien savoir ou je parais acheter se produit ici en France merci d’avance


I Umar Haruna am living in Uganda inside kampala and I want bay it, and I want no how much is the price and I want know are I want get it in Uganda . Thnks u for listening

Umar Haruna

i found a fake products on the web . ppl are selling your products without permission please contact me on fcb i already sent you a message


Le prix svp

Morsli Samir

I ordered clay pomade from arcadian but it still never shipped to me. So i was wondering when is it gonna come because i chose a 3 day shipping. PLEASE let it ship to me and come on time PLEASE. Thank you I’ve been waiting like 4 days already or 3 so PLEASE Let it ship 11/29/17


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