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Holy Shiitake! Texture Paste (Limited)

Sale price$ 24.95

Scoops and breaks down in the hands effortlessly while offering medium-coarse texture and firm hold.

Inventory on Holy Shiitake! will fluctuate throughout the 2020 year as this will be produced in much smaller batches than usual.

For a textured look, apply to towel dried hair and use a brush, wide tooth comb, blow dryer or fingers to shape and texturize the hair. Holy Shiitake! will dry to a textured, matte appearance.

For a slicker, tighter look, apply to towel dried hair and shape with comb as desired. Holy Shiitake! will dry to a matte finish. This can later be finger combed and "roughed up" for a looser, textured appearance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nico Fitzsimons (Suffield, US)
Light and Airy

This product is incredible. The scoop is super light and airy, and the breakdown is super easy. Once in the hair it dries out a little bit but not so much that it makes styling tough. Then after it dries in the hair it holds the whole day no problem. After it dries I’ll finger comb to get the desired texture. I haven’t tried with a hair dryer yet, but I’d imagine you can really pump up the volume and texture another notch. I think the asking price is a little high to be honest, but I think it’s a great product worth the extra few dollars

Excellent summer product

yes, the product works well for the hot humid summer its dry and hold is excellent. However, it took 14 days to arrive. When I commented on why it didn't ship right away I got massive push back from you all attacking me because I just asked wheres the product. Whilst, product is great customer service sucks and maybe, you ass bags should take a course in manners.

Casimir Schaefer (Ellsworth, US)
Holy Shiitake

I don’t use the product for intended use, I have long fine hair, and use it for styling. So it tugs and pulls because of how dry it is (I expected this)

If I weren’t so stupid and didn’t love my hair long the product would be absolutely perfect, but alas

Maybe figure out how to make a smoooooooth and strong formula of a wax based clay for us longer haired guys so it just runs through no problem, I’d definitely buy that

Love Holy Shiitake!

Michael Villarreal (Vista, US)

Smells great and works really well, great product!

Corey (Brentwood, US)
Not for me

The texture of the product itself is super airy and cloudy. It's very light, but not creamy in the sense that it spreads smoothly in your palms like the Clay Pomade. Once in your hands, you have about 10 seconds to work it into your hair, otherwise, it dries up and forms little clunks in your hand.

I have medium length (5-6 in) thick hair and this product is impossible to work into my hair. It grabs and pulls super painfully. Having damp/towel-dried hair helps a little but not very much because it dries up your hair quickly, not to mention that it will leave white streaks and particles in your hair. The result - well I get less texture and volume than their Clay Pomade and roughly the same amount of hold but lots of flyaways. The hold doesn't last - my hair falls off pretty quickly throughout the day.

Love the brand, especially their Clay Pomade and Matte Paste, but this isn't for me. I think the main reason can be attributed to the length of my hair. If you have short hair this might be a great product.