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Vanilla Cedar Matte Paste

Sale price$ 22.00

Same Formula. New Scent.

Our top selling Matte Paste formula in a brand new scent.

Free of Artificial Fragrance

Vanilla Extract + Cedar Oil

What does it do?

Matte Paste is a heavy, dense cream that was designed for all day hold, coarse texture and high volume. Breaks down into a sticky, paste that applies easily even given product thickness. Upon applying, you will immediately feel the grip which helps achieve the style quickly and easily as well as pack in loads of texture. Product can be restyled throughout the day (won't get crunchy) with only fingers or comb. Rinses out with just water.

How To Use

Apply to dry or towel dried hair in small quantities for varied result. Can be combed or finger combed into desired style. Blowdry if desired but not required. Washes out with water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Zachary Childress (Chicago, US)
Best Clay

This has always been a favorite of mine and love the new scent! If you like a looser gold clay this is for you. Good separation and texture!

Peter Murphy (Chicago, US)
Always classic

Always love the matte paste and now with a new scent, which is nice. Milder than the standard one. But a good change of pace

brett collins (Tampa, US)
Vanilla cedar

Very good product. Scent excellent hold exceptional volume tight. Try infusion vanilla with cinnamon next time or vevtier

Dan Meyer (Waterbury, US)
Great trusted product with awesome new scent

I'd already tried Arcadian's matte paste by purchasing one of the smaller travel size containers, and knew I wanted to purchase a full size eventually. When I saw they released this scent, I had to jump on it right away. Same expected performance as the original, with a great new vanilla/cedar sent. Couldn't ask for more!

Colton Risinger (Aurora, US)
Same Great Hold, Different Flavor

Arcadian makes the best hair clay in the game, and I’ve tried pretty much everything over the years. People that smell my hair tell me that the original smells sorta like coconut even though that’s not the scent I pick up. For this one, I was really hoping for a stronger cedar smell. I had some friends smell my hair and all they could pick up was the vanilla. As far as a sculpting clay, it’s pretty much perfect. Only flaw for me was I wish the cedar was more prominent. But then again maybe idk what I’m asking for and if it were stronger I’d walk around all day smelling like Home Depot. Or maybe that’s the goal.